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Exous Advisory is a network of growth experts across digital marketing, business advisory, and funding. We're bringing decades worth of experience resolving complex business challenges and driving business-critical growth for startups and SMBs alike. Our team has serviced over 60 firms, spanning FinTech, computer software, and greater technology, creating over $300 million in shareholder value and raising over $90 million in capital funding, and serving millions of impressions across ROI-driven digital marketing campaigns. We have experience taking firms from $0 to $40+ million in revenue, and we're here to elevate your startup or SMB to its next growth milestone.



Let’s chart your path from $0 to $40M+ in revenue.

Unlock Your Next Business Opportunity


Are you hitting a roadblock or stalling on your growth objectives? How can you grow and stay viable, financially and operationally?

Featured Work

Executive Management Drives Start-up Growth.

With a distinguished and proven track record in the financial industry, our team established a financial services start-up as a leader in the space. The firm achieved an award-winning leadership position in the marketplace by providing superior technology products and services in wealth management and cost basis/tax reporting, applying strategic partnerships and innovative growth strategies.

Key Stats

► $60 million + of capital raised

► $100 million + of shareholder value created

► Multi-year contracts ranging from $1 - $45 million closed

► 9x realized return for initial Venture Capital investor

► $2.5 million VC investment turned into a $24.4 million exit

► 3.5x and 2x unrealized return to current Venture Capital investors

financial software

Business Advisory Powers Strong Exit.

Our team helped provide the necessary oversight required, advancing this mid-marker provider's mission in establishing a leadership position in the cybersecurity space, and more specifically in cybersecurity as a service. Our engagement saw the company's growth increase exponentially through four rounds of funding, including a debt financing round and a complete PE acquisition (liquidity event) round.

Key Stats

► Year-over-year revenue growth of 60%

► Nine-figure growth equity investment

► Four rounds of equity funding

► $34 million secured before complete acquisition


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We deliver data-driven digital marketing,

available turnkey or a-la-carte. Implement leading strategies to build brand engagement, power lead acquisition, and drive long-term client retention.

Ops, strategy and funding. Our CEO-in-a-box solution implements a complete, scalable business strategy from capital raising to sales enablement. 

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