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Data migration

Migrate your workloads securely, with minimal downtime.

It's all about the data -- and smart data transport. Are you able to move from your GB, TW or PB of on-premises data to your new cloud...while minimizing disruption, as well as your time and resource investment? Over 120,000 databases have migrated via AWS Database Migration Service -- we're here to help you migrate your databases to AWS leveraging the migration strategy that is optimal for your individual use case.


Data transport is a huge hurdle for firms. While the cloud has become integral to IT, deploying an application infrastructure in the cloud invariably involves the movement of data. What is the smartest, most optimal mode of data transport? Speed, downtime, security, cost, and performance are just a handful of factors to consider. 


Whatever your unique needs and business challenges, we can help you adopt an enterprise-scale data migration on AWS. That means finding the optimal way for you to seamlessly transfer your on-premises data to and from the AWS.


We’ll help you find the optimal strategy to migrate your data to the AWS securely, re-architect your infrastructure and applications to work with cloud services, and pave the way for future migration of workloads from on-premises to public cloud.

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