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Tap into the cloud.

We remove the complexity out of AWS to power your technology projects from start to finish. 

We know AWS. From business to technology, our certified experts will help you design, architect, build, migrate, and manage your workloads and applications on AWS.

Strategic AWS Consulting

Over 1 million customers are already running on AWS. Are you ready to join them?


Solutions for AWS

Data Migration

serverless computing

AWS Application integration

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6 Things to Know About Serverless Computing


6 Things to Know About Serverless Computing


Deploying a Large-Scale Migration to the AWS Public Cloud

data migration

Deploying a Large-Scale Migration to the AWS Public Cloud

data migration

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CIO Review: 50 most promising fintech solution providers of 2018

In this special FinTech issue, CIO Review features 50 best-in-class FinTech solution providers for 2018. Exous Advisory is profiled for its leadership in business empowerment for SMBs and startups in the FinTech and greater technology space. 


Forbes: The Case For A Crypto-Enabled, On-Demand Workforce

There are two simultaneous technology shifts taking place, each sending rippling effects across the workforce. First is the collective rise of artificial intelligence, automation and the gig economy reshaping the modern workforce. Second is the crypto-powered marketplace altering the way we transact business and interact across global commercial markets. The intersection of these two forces seems inevitable -- so when and how will tech come into play in the midst of all of this?


Forbes: The New Fintech Revolution - ICOs, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency And The Alternate Commercial Market

The cryptocurrency ecosystem has seen an enormous evolution since its inception. Beyond disruption, the mechanisms surrounding cryptocurrency, particularly blockchain and Initial Coin Offerings are revolutionizing the global fintech landscape. Exous Chief, Adnane Charchour shares his take on the new fintech revolution.


Forbes: Nine Ways Tech Companies Can Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Technology is changing at an exponential rate, with new software and systems emerging constantly. It is now more important than ever for tech executives to learn how to adapt and innovate. Exous Chief, Adnane Charchour shares ways in which tech businesses can be prepared for change and stay ahead of the curve.


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