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Business analysis and project management

Clarify business needs with technology architectures.

Strong business analysis and agile project management skills ensure transparency and responsiveness at all stages of the software development lifecycle. Careful analysis is key to understanding business needs and getting requirements right. And, project management is necessary for accurately tracking work to completion within time and budget constraints.

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Communicating complex business needs and technology architectures can be a challenge for even the best project teams. Business and technology team members can come away with different interpretations of the same requirement without sufficient analysis methods and an agile process to ensure one shared understanding.


We have skilled business analysts and project managers that have deep experience working in the Financial and Technology sectors. Let us help you start and keep your project on the right path by ensuring your requirements are understood and your processes are transparent and controllable.


With clarity of business needs, and fine-grained control over the project team and development roadmap, you can effectively manage technology projects to meet your company’s goals.

RESULTS-Oriented analysis and project execution

Key Projects
  • New online brokerage systems development: Business Requirements Analysis, Technology Analysis, Systems Analysis, Trade Process Analysis, Development Plan (Deliverables, Timeline & Cost)

  • Brokerage firm acquisition: Current Systems Analysis, Target Operating Model, End-State Technology Gap Analysis, Business/Technology Plan (Deliverables, Timeline & Cost)

  • Portfolio system migration (MyVest): Data Sources Analysis, Report Requirements Analysis, File Transmission & Procedures

  • Account conversion between broker-dealers: Conversion Impact Assessment, Conversion Requirements, Acceptance Test Criteria, Conversion Plan (Deliverables, Timeline & Cost)

Areas Served
Financial Services
Computer Software
Wealth Management, Trading, Post-Trade Processing & Reporting
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